Physical Activity

"Being fit translates to every aspect of your health - not only your physical health, but your emotional and mental well-being too. In fact, all three are interconnected. And nutrition and physical activity are fundamental to each one.


When you are fit, you have:

  • Stamina and a positive outlook to handle the mental challenges of everyday life and the emotional ups and downs,
  • Reduced risk for many health problems, including serious diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes,
  • The chance to look and feel your best,
  • Physical strength and endurance to protect yourself in case of an emergency, and
  • A better chance for a higher quality of life,
  • And perhaps a longer one, too."

From: The Complete Food and Nutrition Guide
American Dietetic Association

This website is about putting that information in your hands from outdoor sports and recreation to organizations and businesses who can help you meet your physical activity goals. As you use the website's search engine you will find anything and everything that's going on in the community about nutrition and physical activity. Check out the 'Links' section to find other websites with good sound information.

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